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Free Your Home From Faded Florals

Tired of looking at peeling wallpaper or dated prints in your dining room? Take advantage of HBP Painting Contractors’ 40+ years of experience removing wallpapers smoothly and professionally across the St. Louis area.

Do you have prepasted, heavily woven, textured, or vinyl-coated papers? We’ve handled the removal of them all effectively.

Our family-owned legacy stands on decades of mastery, taking down stubborn wallpapers without damaging delicate sheetrock underneath.

When you are ready for a new paint job but wallpaper “sticks” in the way, we can handle the removal and get your walls cleaned, smoothed, and perfectly prepped for paint.

Discovering more issues under the wallpaper

What You Can Expect From Our Service

HBP Painting Contractors leverages generations of painting wisdom across every unique project for residential and commercial spaces. Here is what you can expect when choosing us:

  • Extensively Trained Teams – Our strict company training ensures crews are prepared for various scenarios with knowledge of all solutions, from steamers to scoring tools for results.
  • Careful On-Site Prep – We drape protective coverings over vulnerable surfaces and disable electrical sources with painter’s tape seals to prevent moisture risks before starting removal.
  • Meticulous Wallpaper Lifting – Putty knives allow small shreds to be peeled cleanly after steamer and chemical-free remover application without tearing drywall underneath.
  • Complete Adhesive Elimination – Lingering sticky residue that could inhibit future paint adhesion gets eliminated entirely with more steamer passes, sealants, and cleaning solutions as needed.
  • Smooth Wall Restoration – We address any uneven texture, nail pops or small holes revealed once wallpaper is stripped completely, preparing your canvas for the next chapter flawlessly.
  • Protective Priming/Sealing – Before leaving, stripped walls undergo premium sealing to establish an optimal base for painting or new wallpaper adherence down the line.

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Removal

By leaving wallpaper removal to the professionals at HBP Painting Contractors, you can avoid the headaches of figuring out the tedious process on your own and have peace of mind knowing your walls will be left undamaged.

Taking down wallpaper incorrectly can destroy your drywall underneath. To do it right, you must slowly saturate the paper until the adhesive releases its grasp, all while not soaking water into the walls.

Adhesives can become near impossible to separate over time without causing tearing or holes in drywall. Does this sound like your idea of how to spend a weekend? Probably not.

Our crews are equipped with top-of-the-line commercial-grade steamers, precise scoring tools, and environmentally friendly, non-toxic removal solutions, ensuring the wallpaper peels away smoothly and efficiently.

Our team is well-versed in managing a variety of wallpaper styles, ranging from the straightforward peel-and-stick to the more intricate and robust heavily woven fabrics, ensuring expert care for every project.

Our skilled professionals meticulously repair any dings or nail pops after the wallpaper is completely removed, expertly preparing your walls to be the ideal canvas for vibrant new paints or stylish wallpaper.

Man patching drywall after wallpaper removal

Our 6-Step Removal Process

We remove wallpaper systematically in six careful steps:

  1. Assessing papers and walls first
  2. Clearing and covering vulnerable areas
  3. Using commercial steamers and removers
  4. Eliminating adhesive residues fully
  5. Repairing any revealed dings or holes
  6. And finally, applying protective primers for decorating.

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Rave Reviews Reflect Our Results

We have glowing testimonials from satisfied residential and commercial customers across St. Louis praising our efficient process, quality results, strong communication, and tidy execution that minimizes disruption. See more reviews on our website, capturing the exceptional experiences we consistently deliver.

The HBP Promise

The HBP Promise

Our #1 priority is to provide you with the best indoor house painting experience.  From wallpaper removal and drywall smoothing to prime and finish, you can trust our professional house painters to deliver complete satisfaction for your walls.

Why Choose Us?

HBP goes beyond exceptional wallpaper removal to deliver stunning interior painting services too – faux finishes, intricate detail work, exterior refreshers and more. As a family-owned company since 1983, we bring personalized care to every unique home project while upholding strict quality measures.

Fair Pricing with No Hidden Fees

With a focus on transparency from the free quotes upfront to the final results, we offer competitive pricing that clearly lays out labor, materials, and equipment fees without surprise add-ons popping up.

Our Skilled Crews Showcase Expertise

With thorough training on utilizing top-notch techniques alongside premium tools and solutions for expert results without rookie errors or sloppy execution, our uniformed crews handle projects promptly and professionally from start to finish.

Constant Communication Brings Confidence

With client satisfaction the top priority, we maintain open lines of communication from collaborating on best scheduling for minimal daily disruption to updates as work progresses to confirmation of your delight once the last adhesive scrap and floor drop cloth is hauled away.


Areas We Serve

As an interior painting contractor, we service St. Louis and surrounding cities across Saint Charles County, Saint Louis County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County. So let’s talk about repainting your residence. Request a wallpaper removal service and say goodbye to the florals!

Wallpaper Removal Cost Considerations

While stripping wallpaper costs depend partly on square footage, the key factors include:

  • Wallpaper Type – Thicker specialty papers take longer to penetrate and detach
  • Adhesive Age – Vintage glue bonds require more coaxing to release cleanly
  • Wall Composition – Meticulous plaster may need extra handling over average drywall
  • Current Wall Condition – Severe pre-existing flaws underneath drive the price up for smoothing
  • Regional Labor Rates – Pay reflects expertise levels in medium vs high-cost-of-living cities

By considering these factors influencing price as we assess your unique project from start to finish, our quotes reflect the true scope accurately. Reach out today to transform your home or business walls!

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

For smooth wallpapers tightly adhered to surfaces in non-wet areas, painting is possible with proper precautionary steps like sealing seams and edges before applying primer and then painting. But textured or damaged papers should get stripped completely.


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