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For homeowners, the changing of the seasons means one thing: time to get around to finishing those home projects. And few projects are as daunting as slapping a new coat of paint on your home exterior. That’s why we’re sharing Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint trends in this post.

What’s the correct type of paint to use? How many coats will you need? Does your exterior have to be treated first? And of course, what color should you be using?

If you’re still feeling a bit “in the dark” about your exterior home painting project, Sherwin-Williams has loads of helpful resources to get you started.

But that’s not all they offer.

They also have plenty of picture-perfect exterior colors to get your home looking new.

This guide will take you through some of the most popular Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint colors of 2021.

So, ready to give your home exterior some new life?

Let’s go!

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Which Exterior Paint Colors Are Trending for 2021?

Each new year brings a new trend when it comes to home exterior paints.

And as exterior house painters, we can attest, this year is no different.

Here’s a look at the nine most popular Sherwin-Williams new colors and exterior home color trends for 2021.

1. Urbane Bronze

Named 2021’s Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year, Urbane Bronze can add a bold exclamation point to any exterior home design.

Urbane Bronze taps into the simple sophistication that bold, natural tones can bring to your home.

Most often used as a base for your entire home, its eye-catching tones help your home stand out from the rest. And as an accent color set against more neutral tones, you can add character and style to any design.


2. Endless Sea

Sherwin-Williams Endless Sea
Endless Sea

Whether you’re located just off the Atlantic coast in the northeast, or you’re thousands of miles away from the closest beach, Endless Sea can bring a bold touch of the ocean into your neighborhood—no matter where you are.

While classic white accents are an obvious choice, Endless Sea will complement as a backdrop for more striking coordinating colors like Dirty Martini or Dark Clove.

3. Creamy

Sherwin-Williams Creamy

Sometimes, you just want to go with the classics—whites, beiges—neutral tones that look great on practically any surface.

For these instances, Creamy is the Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint color for you. A simple style and warm hues add a welcoming feel to any home.

Plus, its neutrality makes it the perfect backdrop for big and bold accents that pop.

4. Gambol Gold

Sherwin-Williams Gambol Gold
Gambol Gold

In direct contrast to the previous color, Gambol Gold hits the scene with expressive and unforgettable flair.

But rather than coming off “loud” or “a bit too much,” Gambol Gold instead exudes only cheerfulness, warmth, and life.

A lot of hard work goes into a home exterior paint job. But with Gambol Gold, it’ll be well worth the effort.

5. Cyberspace

Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace

Are you looking to make a statement? Want to make sure your home isn’t just another one of those “blend in with the crowd” types?

Then Cyberspace may be the Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint color for you.

This charcoal-based color feels right at home with all sorts of grayscale accent shades. And if you want a home no one will ever forget, consider pairing it with a bold red for doors and shutters.

6. Perfect Greige

Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige
Perfect Greige

Grey? Or beige?

Sometimes one or the other just doesn’t look the way you envisioned. And while each contributes to what you’re after, there’s still something that feels a little… off.

It sounds like Perfect Greige may be the tone for you.

As the name suggests, Greige is a combination of grey and beige tones. And while there are plenty of different shades of greige to choose from, we think Perfect Greige offers the absolute best balance of the two.

7. Gossamer Veil

Sherwin-Williams Gossamer

Don’t be fooled here—at first glance; this may look like your everyday grey.

But upon further inspection, you’ll notice that hiding underneath Gossamer Veil’s unassuming appearance is smooth undertones of earthy greens.

Pair it with Anchors Aweigh navy, African Gray, and Elder White for a well-balanced color scheme you’ll love for years to come.

8. Latte

Sherwin-Williams Latte

Just as at home in the dusty southwest, as it is in the deep forests of the northeast, Latte’s rich mocha base brings a depth of tone to your home that few other colors can rival.

Its best accent colors tend to be shades of white that lean more towards yellow. But if you combine it with bold and dark hues like Serious Gray, you’ll find that both colors complement each other without losing their personalities.

9. Quite Coral

Sherwin-Williams Quiet Coral
Quiet Coral

Last but certainly not least is a curveball.

Yes, your home’s siding and trim take up the most space of your exterior. But you should never neglect your home’s door, shutter, and window colors which are typically accent pieces with more impact than these exterior elements.

And for some homes, Quite Coral is a fantastic choice to color these accent elements.

Quite Coral’s unmistakable style and richness make it easy to spot from almost any vantage point.

And if it’s a bit too loud for you, there are always plenty of other trending paint colors for your doors to choose from.

What Is the Most Popular Exterior House Paint Color?

Unsurprisingly, the most popular Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint colors lean heavily towards neutrals.

Neutral tones are easy on the eye, unassuming, and open up the door to bold accents (like doors and window frames) that give your home life.

Earth tones also tend to be quite popular.

With that being said, “popular” doesn’t always mean “better.”

Many architecturally gorgeous homes are left feeling bland and lifeless when dull color paint tones are applied. What’s more, a same-old-same-old exterior color scheme can prevent you from boosting your home’s curb appeal and driving up its value.

In the end, be careful when walking the line between what’s popular and what’s unique because you may be missing out on a color that turns your boring house into a fantastic home.

What Type of Paint Is Best for the Exterior of a Home?

Generally, the types of paint you’re going to want to use will depend on the part of your home you’re working on.

For example, there are two main Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint types: latex and oil.

Latex paints are the best gloss retention and are exceptionally easy to work with. Paint cleans up easily with just soap and water. And they dry quickly, are incredibly durable, and pretty easy to work with.

On the other hand, oil or alkyd paints require a bit more work to be used and cleaned using mineral spirits. However, their good adhesion makes them good choices for exterior trim.

In general, though, latex paints are likely the better option for you. They’re more accessible, versatile, and can be used with a wide variety of colors too.

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The HBP Promise
The HBP Promise

As you can see, there are plenty of Sherwin-Williams exterior house paint colors to choose from.

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With everything we shared, choosing your color is only step #1 when painting your house.

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