COVID19Phone & Virtual Painting Estimates Available

HBP Painting Contractors, in O’Fallon, Missouri, is now offering phone/virtual estimates for painting projects. This is a result of the social distancing recommendations due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Although a fresh coat of paint may not be considered essential in these dire times, it is possible if extra precautions are put in place. From the estimating process to completing the project, work can be accomplished with little to no contact with customers.

How Phone/Virtual Estimates Work

The typical process for HBP Painting Contractors estimates is for them to visit the home or business to assess the area or items to be painted. This process usually requires a face-to-face meeting with the home or business owner.

Phone/Virtual estimates can involve different steps, depending on if the job is exterior or interior.

Exterior Painting Estimates

  • HBP Painting Contractors can still personally assess the project, then send the estimate by email or US Mail. A follow-up call will occur to discuss the estimate.
  • The customer can send photos and or videos of the property to HBP Painting Contractors for the estimate.

Interior Painting Estimates

  • The home or business owner can send photos or videos of the areas or items to be painted, then send them electronically or via snail mail to HBP Painting Contactors. A follow-up call will take place to discuss the estimate after receipt of the photos.
  • An online meeting can be set up between the customer and HBP Painting Contractors. The customer can use the video capability of the tool to display what they want to be painted. HBP Painting Contractors will prepare an estimate based on this phone/virtual meeting and send it to the customer.

Precautionary Measures when Painting

Painted Home by HBP Painting Contractors
Painted Home by HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors understand the need to take special precautions when doing interior painting projects. All crew members wear respirators, latex gloves, maintain a 6-foot distance, and we conduct a wellness check-in phone call each morning with our employees/customers and of course, encouraging AIR HIGH 5’S. NO employees will work if they are sick. If anyone in the home is sick, we will postpone to a later date.

For exterior paint projects, once the estimate is approved, HBP Painting Contractors can complete the painting project without the need for direct contact.

Get Commercial Property Painted While Buildings Are Empty

If employees are working from home, now is a great opportunity to get the building painted. Painting an office or other business while it remains open can cause distractions and can take longer to complete. If the building is empty, the project will proceed more quickly. This theory applies to both interior and exterior commercial projects.

About HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors began as a local, family-owned business in 1983. Richard Hartrum founded the business, which is now run by his sons, Cody and Zach. Over the years, the company built its stellar reputation for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Services that HBP Painting Contractors provide include:

  • Residential interior and exterior painting
  • Commercial interior and exterior painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Faux painting
  • Deck Painting/ Staining

They only use Sherwin Williams paints and products for their projects because of their superior results, as well as a variety of color choices and finishes.

HBP Painting Contractors are proud members of the Painting Contractors of America. They maintain high ratings with the BBB and Angie’s List. They are active in the community and in local Chambers of Commerce.

HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors offers interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial clients, cabinet painting, and deck staining near O’Fallon and surrounding cities and counties, including St. Charles County, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County.

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