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We’ve transformed homes across this beautiful town since 1983. As a painting company in Maplewood, MO,  we are proud to have provided outstanding services, including interior painting, to many satisfied customers in your area. Please request a free estimate or keep reading to learn more about our services in your town.

Painting services we offer

Interior Painting

From ceiling retexturing and wall painting to eye-catching entryways, custom sitting room designs, and complete home makeovers, we have the experience you need to bring your painting ideas to life. As interior painters, we never outsource any work and use a quality assurance system to finish projects on time and within budget.

Exterior Painting

Make your home stand out, draw in curious onlookers, and boost your property’s value with a stunning paint job done by exterior house painters. When you need a professional painter, we have the expertise, equipment, and top-of-the-line paints to ensure the job is done efficiently and looks fantastic.


Painting kitchen cabinets requires more than just slapping on a coat of paint. Let our cabinet painters bring your kitchen back to life, from sanding and repairing to priming and painting. We take care of the entire project from start to finish.


Your deck is a crucial part of your home’s design and function. So why not give it the attention it needs? Let our professional deck stainers manage all your deck painting or staining needs. We even offer pressure washing to provide the best results.


From small businesses to industrial factories wanting to increase the visibility of their brand, our knowledgeable commercial painters have the skills to help you succeed. When it comes to commercial painting in Maplewood, choose HBP.


Painting Contractor Services We Offer

It takes a skilled and experienced hand to handle specific painting projects. Fortunately, we’ve gained the experience to make nearly every painting project successful. Take a look at the additional painting services we offer.

Other Painting Services

When it comes to residential painting, we have you covered, and yes, we’ll even help you choose your paint colors.

  • Crown Molding – Perfectly planning and executing crown molding requires precision and proper technique. We can help.
  • Wainscoting – Let our experienced and skilled experts add the perfect color and texture to your home’s wainscoting.
  • Wallpaper Installation – Installing wallpaper can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Please leave it to our experts.
  • Wallpaper Removal – Avoid the hassle and hard work of removing your home’s wallpaper. We can help.
  • Texture Applications – Add texture to the walls and ceilings of your home to quickly transform the look and feel.

Other Carpentry Services

  • Baseboard Installation – Increase your home’s durability and style with a professional installation service.
  • Wainscoting – Give a sophisticated touch and add texture to your house’s décor with our wainscoting.
  • Decorative Molding – Crown molding adds intricate patterns and unique charm to your space—the perfect finishing touch for any room.
  • Interior Doors & Frames – Let our door and frame painting services care for your home’s fine details.
  • Crown Molding on Cabinets – Instantly infuse your kitchen with style and elegance with our cabinet crown molding services.
  • Rotted Board Replacement – Fix up your home’s rotted boards and let our professionals bring your boards back to life.
  • Fascia Board Replacement – Don’t let worn or rotted fascia boards bring down your home’s value.
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Why Choose Us?

In the crowded market of painting companies, some provide different values and quality. Finding the right one for your project can be difficult if you’re unsure what you want. So, what makes HBP stand out as a trusted painting company in Maplewood?

Our Experience

Family-owned and operated for over four generations, our painting company has been around since 1983.

Our Process

HBP follows our proven 6-step process—plan, prep, repair, paint, approve, and cleanup. You’re always getting the best.

Our Products

We understand that the best results come from the best materials, including quality paint. That’s why we only use quality products from Sherwin-Williams.

Our Record

Thanks to our five-star reviews from residents like you, we have an excellent reputation. You can trust us.

Free Estimates

Do you have a unique project? Not a problem. We offer free estimates on any painting project, and our service is second to none.

The HBP Promise

The HBP Promise

As an established painting company in Maplewood, your painting experience is our top priority, so we guarantee complete satisfaction from start to finish.


About Maplewood, MO

Maplewood, Missouri, nestled just outside St. Louis, boasts a vibrant mix of history and modern living. This friendly suburb is a hub for unique shops, various restaurants, and engaging community activities, drawing in residents and visitors.

The town’s walkable avenues, lined with green parks and historic homes, invite strolls and outdoor enjoyment. Maplewood stands out for its blend of small-town feel with city-like amenities, including artisan coffee shops, craft breweries, and eclectic boutiques.

Its strong sense of community is evident in annual festivals and events that unite locals. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse attractions, Maplewood offers a rich, fulfilling experience to all who explore its charming streets.

History of Maplewood, MO

Maplewood, Missouri, began as part of St. Louis County in the early 19th century. Its development accelerated with the arrival of streetcars, connecting it to St. Louis.

By the early 20th century, Maplewood emerged as a bustling commercial hub. Its first businesses set the stage for growth, transforming it into a vibrant community.

Today, Maplewood retains its historic charm while embracing modernity, uniquely blending past and present.

Popular Sites to Visit

Explore Maplewood, Missouri, a blend of history and modern flair, with must-visit sites:

  • Schlafly Bottleworks: A pioneer craft brewery with tours and tastings.
  • Saratoga Lanes: One of the oldest bowling alleys, offering retro charm.
  • Sutton Loop Park: A green oasis perfect for relaxation and play.
  • Maplewood Historic District: Stroll through history with well-preserved architecture.
  • Foundation Grounds: Cozy café is known for its local coffee and vibrant art.

The People that Live Here

The people of Maplewood, Missouri, form a diverse, vibrant community characterized by a warm, welcoming spirit.

Residents range from young professionals and families to artists and entrepreneurs, all drawn to the area’s eclectic charm and strong sense of community. The commercial scene is equally dynamic, with local business owners passionate about their crafts, from artisanal breweries to unique boutiques and cozy cafés.

Together, they create a lively, close-knit atmosphere where creativity and collaboration thrive, making Maplewood a truly special place to live and work.


Top Painting Company FAQ

Feel free to contact us, as we’re here to help!

Choosing the right painting contractor for your home is an important decision. We’ve put together this guide to help you identify the key qualities you should look for to ensure you’re getting the best results. From assessing the quality of their workmanship to making sure they provide the paint and tools you need, these tips will help you make the right choice.

Absolutely. We always take care of the purchase, delivery, and setup of all the necessary paint and tools for the job. That way, we’re all set for your start date.

The cost of painting a space depends on a number of factors, including the size of the room, the type of painting being done, the surface being painted, and the number of coats required to get the desired finish. We offer free estimates so you can get an accurate price.

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