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While there are some obvious signs, it can be difficult to know if your house needs a little TLC – so, how often should you paint your house?  In general, it’s a good idea to paint your house every three to ten years. But depending on the condition of your home, it could be a good idea to consider painting services sooner than later. 

From outdated colors to cracked caulk, here are six of the biggest signs that suggest it is time to repaint your home.

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The Paint Is Cracking

cracked paint in home

There is no clearer sign your home needs a fresh coat of paint than when cracks start to appear. Any signs of wear and tear at all should signify that it is time to paint your house – and quickly.

Cracked or flaking paint is no longer adhering to the surface it is on. Beyond the displeasing appearance of worn and degraded paint, a more costly effect may arise.

If there are gaps in the paint and the material beneath is exposed, this could cause damage. Moisture can seep into the areas of cracked, worn paint and quickly damage the surface under it.

Repainting at the first sign of wear and tear will help you avoid any such issues.

Colors Are Outdated

That hot pink shine may have been the peak of design trends ten years ago, but you may feel it is a bit of an eyesore now. Color trends and fashions tend to come and go.

Some looks are timeless, but others – particularly bolder, striking colors – will usually fall out of favor eventually. If you had previously chosen an especially vibrant color, it may almost look garish today.

Changing the color palette of your home, for both interior and exterior painting, is largely up to personal taste. However, it can be hard to choose, and it is often a good idea to see what others are doing for some inspiration.

If you are thinking of moving house within the next five to ten years, it would be a good idea to stick to a neutral, muted color palette to appeal to a wider audience.

The Color Has Dulled

After years of being weather-beaten and pummeled by the elements, the paint will eventually lose its shine. When the color has dulled significantly, it is a sign to update the paint of your house.

Where once your home may have looked sleek and polished, a loss of vibrancy can leave it looking dreary and lackluster. Areas that get hit with a lot of sunshine will endure color fading quicker than others, while rain and excessive moisture will also have a detrimental effect on the paint.

Generally, the darker the color, the quicker it will lose its vibrancy. All paints will lose their rich color given enough time, so it is wise to expect to paint your house soon if it has been several years.

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It’s Been ‘X’ Amount of Years

There are no set exact amount of years that can widely apply to all paint, on all materials. But there is a consensus that certain surfaces should be repainted quicker than others.

The length of time you should wait varies hugely depending on the materials involved; for brick, expect three to five years, stucco four to seven, and aluminum siding every five years. It is especially important to paint wooden exterior surfaces after a set amount of years – usually between three and seven – to provide a new protective layer for the wood.

This coating is vital in preserving the quality of the surface and preventing decay.

If using cheaper paints that have not been applied by painting contractors to a sufficiently prepped surface, your house will need to be painted more frequently.

Cracked Caulk

Caulk, which is used as a sealant for areas between the walls and doors, and windows, can lose its elastic quality over the years and become brittle. As it cracks and peels away, the area will need to be repaired and repainted. This is a job best suited to professionals, as the work can involve filling the gaps created between fixtures and the wall.

You’re Selling Your Home

Home for sale

When it is time to sell your home, you want it to look at its absolute best.

Any prospective buyer or viewer of the house will make a quick judgment with their first impression; if any of the reasons listed above apply, this impression will certainly be a negative one.

You don’t even need to have an apparent issue with the original paint to desire a refresh – a newly painted home will look better than a house that hasn’t been painted for a few years, under its recent application.

The paint will be fresh and sparkling clean, giving the best possible perspective on your home and curb appeal to potential buyers.

Selling your home gives you the extra impetus to maximize the value of the house, and ensuring the paint is done to a professional standard (and with the right colors) will help you achieve that goal.




What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter?

After googling ‘how often to paint house’ and discovering that it is finally time, you will need to hire a painter. Before any discussions, or even an estimate, has taken place, there are a few questions you should ask a potential painter.

  • Do you offer a free estimate? Find out if this initial stage has a cost attached to it. You will often find that painting companies offer this service for free.
  • What kind of prep do they recommend? This often separates the high-level contractors from the low. If the prep is minimal, it is typically a bad sign.
  • Do you have insurance? This is to protect your property, yourself, and the workers if any issues arise.
  • What materials do you use? You will want to ensure that the paint is high-quality such as Sherwin Williams and that the correct tools are being used.
  • Ask for credentials, references, and reviews. Use external sources for an unbiased opinion of the painter.

How Do I Choose a Painting Company?

The first thing you should consider (and likely the first thing you will search for) is location. If you live in or around O’Fallon but the painting company you have discovered is not local, it would be a pointless endeavor to research them further.

Location is only the first, and most basic, consideration. You will want to choose a painting company with proven experience and an assured level of quality. Find an established company with years of close connections to the local community – you don’t last decades as a business if the locals are dissatisfied with your work!

Look for reviews and examples of past work and credentials, which can usually be found either on the company website or through a simple Google search. Find out more about the products they’re using – you would expect to see a professional service using a premium paint supplier, like Sherwin Williams, in their work.

Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?

Use HBP Painting Contractors!

HBP Painting Contractor at work

When it finally comes to the time to paint your house – for any or all of the reasons above – you will want to turn to a reliable and accomplished painting company.

HBP Painting Contractors is a family-run painting company in O’Fallon, Missouri. With over 30 years of serving the surrounding local communities, they have spent decades honing their skills, expertise, and customer service experience into a premium offering.

HBP uses the mantra of “Prep. Paint. Repeat.” to emphasize the equal weighting given to both the painting and preparation stages in their work. To achieve the highest quality finish, the team prepares the surface thoroughly and repairs any cracks or holes.

You can expect professional workmanship throughout the painting process, and an assured quality from using only the finest paints from Sherwin Williams in their work – if you have any concerns or queries, a team of expert painters will listen to your input every step of the way.

From a series of glowing customer reviews to a gallery showcasing our work: we at HBP are proud of the high-quality service we provide, and we’d love to work with you too.

People are at the heart of everything at HBP Painting Contractors – to improve the experience of potential customers further, we offer a free consultation and estimate, so you can find out if our service is exemplary for you, risk-free.



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