Deck StainingDecks Are Popular in the Midwest

Having a deck attached is an extension of the home. It provides additional outdoor space to enjoy and relax during the lazy days of summer. But it needs to be maintained in order for it to remain functional and aesthetically appealing.

It’s strongly advised to stain or paint a deck annually for the best protection. When done properly, this coating can help to prevent wood rot from moisture, excessive drying and fading from the sun, and keep it looking great through all four seasons.

Proper Deck Staining

There is a process for staining a deck that should always be followed. Just slapping on a coat of stain without proper preparation will be a waste of time, energy, and money. Appropriate steps must be taken in order to achieve the best and longest-lasting finish.

  • Clean. Dirt and debris accumulate on the deck and absorbs into the material. To completely clean it, a power washer should be used. The high pressure will remove all built-up grime.
  • Repair. Any cracked or broken planks should be repaired or replaced.
  • Sand. Sanding down the surface helps to create a smooth finish so the results are unblemished.
  • Stain. Now the stain can be applied to the clean, sanded deck.

DIY or Professional Deck Staining

Anyone can purchase deck stains at any hardware store and attempt to stain their deck. While it can be a DIY project, going with the professionals has its advantages.

  • Experience. As with any DIY project, the amateur doing the job is very limited in the experience they have. They likely have only stained their own deck, or helped friends or family do theirs. That means that the end result will be of lesser quality than if a professional was hired.
  • Time. Most homeowners will try to fit in DIY projects on weekends or in the evenings after a full day of work. That cuts into leisure time that could be better used doing something enjoyable. Also, the project may drag on for several days, whereas a pro will finish it in a few hours.
  • Tools and Materials. Most homeowners don’t own a power washer or industrial sander. These tools are needed to do the preparation and get the best results. Pros also know and use the best products to use for the most successful outcome.
  • Insurance. Hiring a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured will limit homeowner liability. Any injuries or damages will be covered by the contractor’s insurance.

Go with the Pros at HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors specializes in deck staining. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to successfully stain or paint any deck or wooden surface. That includes fences, pool decks, and porches, as well as attached home decks.

HBP Painting Contractors only use the highest quality products to ensure the results are exemplary. At the homeowner’s request, HBP Painting Contractors will paint the deck floor, stairs, handrails, spindles, ceilings, and underneath it.

About HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors is located in O’Fallon, Missouri, in St. Charles County, west of St. Louis. They have been satisfying customers in the area for over 30 years.

Besides deck staining, HBP Painting Contractors do residential and commercial painting (both interior and exterior), cabinet painting, floor staining, power washing (residential and commercial), driveway sealing, wallpaper removal and hanging, popcorn ceiling removal, and concrete staining/painting.

HBP Painting Contractors

HBP Painting Contractors offers interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial clients, cabinet painting, and deck staining near O’Fallon and surrounding cities and counties, including St. Charles County, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County.

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