Commercial Painting

Does your business need updating?  Would a fresh paint job do the trick? If worn paint or an old wall color is your concern, HBP Painting Contractors is here to help. We’ve been providing commercial painting services to businesses in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and beyond for more than 30 years. When you work with HBP Painting Contractors we’ll take the worry out of any project, so you can focus on your business.

commercial painting

Before We Start

Before we start painting, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what you want, and provide you with a quote.  There are never any additional costs unless approved – that we guarantee! We’ve proudly built our business reputation on always doing a great job at a fair price.

Setting Up

After you’ve approved the quote, we’ll prepare the area properly. Our experienced team of painters will carefully cover all surfaces, flooring, fixtures, and furnishings to protect them from damage and paint splatter. If any of items need to be moved, we’ll take care of that as well. After all, your business and property are our main concern. If there are any imperfections or nail holes in the wall, we’ll be sure to sand and fill these properly. If any walls need light sanding, we can help with that too.

The Commercial Painting Process

Once everything is prepared, we’ll begin carefully painting your business. Throughout the process, we’ll stay in close communication with you so you know exactly how the project is progressing. Are you concerned about finish or paint quality? Don’t be! At HBP Painting Contractors we only use premium paint and materials, so quality should never be a concern. In addition, we always comply with OSHA guidelines and clean up at the end of each day to keep your business clean and free of hazards.

Finishing the Job

When we’re done painting, we’ll return your items to their original locations so you can get your business back to normal. At the end of every job, we run a quality inspection to ensure that our finished commercial painting product not only looks good, but also meets your expectations. If, for some reason, you’re not satisfied, we guarantee we’ll make it right.

Contact Us Today

If you'd like to freshen up your business and are interested in learning more about our commercial painting services, give HBP Painting Contractors a call at 636-544-1254. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help today.