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7 Reasons to Decorate with Wallpaper

Paint is the most commonly used material to create a simple change with a big impact on your home. Wallpaper is another amazing decorative material you can apply to your interiors for an instant upgrade. Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but new technology has brought this decorative material to a whole new level.Why Choose […]

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5 Tips for Painting Accent Walls

paint accent walls

When redecorating your home, a simple way to spruce up a plain room and allow you to experiment with colors and patterns is to add an accent wall to the room. Accent walls are an incredible opportunity to emphasize and add excitement to your living space. From a subtle accent to a high impact change, […]

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4 Ways to Implement Color on Your Ceilings

paint ceilings

When it’s time to renovate a space, most of the time the ceiling is forgotten. Your ceiling may need some attention after years of neglect. The ceiling, also known as the fifth wall, represents one-sixth of the space in a room, but too often it only gets a coat or two of white paint. For […]

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